Smooth Sleepers

Trojanstone concrete sleepers are available in three original textures and many colours. All are manufactured using high strength concrete and reinforced with steel for increased structural strength. Trojanstone sleepers are easy to install using steel posts. A combination of ‘H’ section and channel can be used.

Sleepers can be cut to any length to complete your wall.

Colour Range



Standard: 1800 x *200 x minimum 60mm. Sleepers will fit into 100mm “C” and “H” section posts.

Weight: Approx 50kg each.
Qty: Per pallet – 30.

Jumbo: 1800 x 200 x 90mm. Sleepers designed for higher walls and fit into 150mm “C” and “H” Section posts.

Weight: Approx 60kg each.
Qty: Per pallet – 20.

Under-Fence Plinths: 2350 x 200 x 45mm. Designed to fit inside Colourbond fence channels. 

Under-Fence Plinths: 2350 x 200 x 80mm. Designed to fit in 100UC & 100PFC under a Colourbond fence. 

Under-Fence Sleeper: 2350 x 200 x 100mm. Designed for taller walls where a Colourbond fence will be erected above. Fits in 150UC & 150PFC. 

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